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Buy and Sell Homes and Mortgages in Denver and suburbs


Verynicehomes.com specializes in buying selling mortgages for homes in Denver, CO and suburbs. We have homes available all over Denver, CO and suburbs from Broomfield to Castle Rock and Golden to Aurora.

Buy and Sell Homes and Mortgages in Denver and suburbs


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Get a value check on any home before you make an offer.

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We use the same tools that mortgage underwriters use to determine value of a house. How? Because we are also mortgage lenders so we have access to these tools that other Realtors simply don’t.

Make an offer with complete confidence.


Our automated mortgage interest rate finder system scans 85+ mortgage lenders instantly for the lowest rates within seconds.

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Sell like Apple and Samsung

We analyzed the techniques that Apple and Samsung use to sell millions of smart phones in one weekend.... then we applied them to real estate.

Welcome to Buzz marketing.

We use the power of social media, MLS and internet to drive 1000s of qualified buyers to your your home listing.

Using facebook, youtube and other channels we then create a micro market around your house.

The result, maximize your bottom line.

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